English Level Test: verifica ora le tue capacità!

    1) What time do you usually ____________ in the morning?
    to get upget upgot upget off

    2) I like both colours but I believe blue looks _____________ than green on me.

    3) He goes to the stadium every weekend, ____________ he?

    4) I borrowed __________ money from my brother.

    5) My car and myparent's car are parked on the street. Yes, I saw yours but I didn't see _____________

    6) You _____________ brush your teeth two times a day to keep a correct dental hygean.

    7) Joseph ___________ fly to Toronto tomorrow morning.
    is going towillgoes tois going

    8) Is this sweater blue or indago? It's _____________ blue _________ indago but it's purple.
    either / nornot / orneither / nornot / and

    9) The student ____________ English at 5:00 pm yesterday.
    was studyingwas studingstudiedstudyed

    10) If I __________ hard, I __________ pass the exam.
    study / willstudy / wouldstudied / willstudyed / would

    11) Robert is from Canada. __________ you ever __________ there before?
    did / gohave / beenhave / gonehave / go

    12) The mountain ____________ we climbed last week was the highest in the world.

    13) I don't think I can __________ that class anymore.
    put up withput output onput over

    14) I ___________ at 1 am tonight.
    will be sleepingwill sleepam sleepingbe sleeping

    15) My car ___________ of gas so I had to call the AAA.
    ran awayrun outran outrun over

    16) John __________ to study hard by his mother.
    was toldis toldtoldwas telled

    17) When I arrived home my family ___________ dinner and now they are having dessert.
    atehave atehad atehad eaten

    18) She ___________ for five hours and she hasn't finished yet.
    is studyinghas been studyinghave been studyingwill be studying

    19) If I _____________ more, I would ____________ passed the test.
    is studyinghas been studyinghave been studyingwill be studying

    20) I am going to America tomorrow. (Rob said).
    Rob said that he was going to America the day afterRob said that he will go to America tomorrowRob said that he was going to America tomorrowRob said that he is going to America the day after

    21) When the car didn't stop at the red light, Lesley did well not to __________ control of her scooter.

    22) According to Richard's ___________ the bus leave sat 10:00 am.

    23) When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people's ___________ of life.

    24) She is now taking a more positive __________ to her job.

    25) _________ you get your father's permission, I'll take you to the match next weekend.

    26) You should read this novel — it's been ________ recommended by all the critics.

    27) She _______ be a grandmother. She looks like a teenager.
    mustn'tcan'tshoudn'thas to

    28) ________ harshly he may speak to you, you can be sure that he has only your best interests at heart.

    29) I wish George and his father would settle their ________ and start talking to each other again.

    30) I really have no idea how the mistake ________ in the first place.
    came throughcame aboutcame offcame round

    31) Descrivi perché vuoi imparare o migliorare il tuo inglese.


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